Questions for Webmaster Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,
Here is a list of website editor questions that have come up:

1. Some site visitors are having certain portions of our site blocked (perhaps because some insecure image content is on the page)?
Why do some of these old “insecure” (http) theme images still try to load, even though we can’t see them?
For example (on the home page):
Loading mixed (insecure) display content “” on a secure page

We probably moved the site to the domain before activating the SSL certificate and that may have left the media images ‘http.’ I went through the Home page and changed the image urls to ‘https’ where I could find them. Let me know if you see this anywhere else. S.

2. The “News” page currently appears to be static. How do I make it more like the Documents page?
I’d like to have a brief static “All the news that’s fit to print…” or similar welcome message at the top of this page, but still be able to post news blog items immediately under it.
How do I get blog posts categorized as “News” to show up on the News page?
The only blog posts I can get to show up anywhere on the public site are those categorized as “Documents” (on the Documents page) which is working as intended.

Ah. We started off with a static page for News and it never got changed to the posts page. I’ve changed it now, so all News posts show up, and added “All the news that’s fit to print..” to the top. To edit this text, go to Posts > Categories > News and you will see where it goes. S.

3. I added a Broken Links Checker under Tools. There are two PRMD links that have changed and will need fixing. S.